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Interactive Arts, LLC is a internet marketing company specializing in Local SEO, Search Marketing and Business Photography for Local Businesses. We provide services that ensure your business is visible on major search engines, local maps, business listings and directories.

Our services include:

What Is Search Marketing?

Search Marketing is a marketing strategy used to attract consumers who use online search engines to locate goods and services. Local Search Marketing is a specialization that’s focused on making sure that your business is showing up in local search results pages, online maps and business directories.

Why is this important? Well, study after study shows that consumers are now using online search to research goods and services before they make a purchase. Most importantly, they also use online search to find local businesses that are providing these goods and services.

A local search marketing strategy will help ensure that your business is showing up in online local listings and maps. This not only creates more awareness of your business, it also brings a greater percentage of new customers to your business so that you can build your customer base.

Why Interactive Arts LLC?

We’ve been providing online marketing solutions since 1995. Our clients have included small business, local franchises, and Fortune 100 companies. Our individually tailored marketing solutions will help you achieve your overall online business goals.

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