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Interactive Arts, LLC is a digital marketing consulting company based in Minneapolis, MN. We specialize in affordable search marketing solutions that include SEO, PPC, Local SEO and Web Analytics. Our services will help ensure that your business is visible on local search engines, local maps, social media and online business directories.

Why Search Marketing?

Why do we focus on Search Marketing? Well, it’s simple. We focus on proven digital marketing solutions that work!

The reality is that if you want to reach online consumers who are looking for products or services, then search marketing is the proven solution. In fact, study after study has shown that online users utilize search engines, online directories and mobile apps to locate goods and services.

An optimized search marketing strategy that incorporates SEO, PPC and Local SEO will help ensure that your business, product or service can be found by online users.

About Interactive Arts, LLC

We’ve been successfully implementing online marketing solutions since 1995. Our clients have included small business to Fortune 500 companies. No matter what the size of your company is, our individually tailored marketing solutions will help you achieve your online business goals and objectives.

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