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Social Media Comes to the Aid of the Red Cross

Donations for the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti in January 2009 have reached record proportions. According to, the amount of money raised for Haiti in the first 48 hours of the disaster was greater than the amount brought in during a similar…

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Who’s Your Town Crier?

In earlier times the Town Crier was the primary source of news and information. They would ring a bell to catch everyone’s attention, read their proclamation or announcement, and then post it in a common area for all to see. Do you see any similarities today? Good…

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Tacos and Tweets – A Success Story

When it comes to internet marketing, not all businesses are created equally. An internet marketing strategy that works for one business, will likely not work for another. Unfortunately, most businesses aren’t able to think outside of the box when it comes an internet marketing strategy. They’ll assume that if the competition is doing one…

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